Who has never seen a candle end (over wick) while a significant amount of wax still remained? I'm not the kind to pick up the first nail rusting telling me that it may serve one day, but I do not like to waste and throw something that could still be used. Thus, I always keep the remains of wax of the candles I buy and where there is enough, I make a new one. It's simple, fun (I guess that's more true for those who enjoy working with their hands), and besides it gives a satisfaction of a kid, I love it!
How to do?
  • When a candle is finished, get the wax (dry) and store the pieces (≈ 2 cm per side max.) in an empty jamjar. I do not care much about the wax color, with me, everything is mixed, but do as you please;
  • When you think you have enough wax to create one or more new candles, select the containers of your choice (no plastic or burning material there huh… I decline any responsibility ^^), ideally those candles already purchased;
  • To melt the wax, I put the jamjar thus filled in a double boiler. Progressively, the pieces of wax will melt completely and the “solution” will become particularly hot and liquid. Always use caution;
  • You'll need a wick. This can be bought, but I make them. So while the wax melts, you can make it. For this, use a natural string, not nylon, etc. (if you can not make a difference, ignite one end, if it melts, do not use!). Depending on the thickness of your string, it may be necessary to make a braid to give it a more appreciable diameter. If you need several wicks braided, make one big wick and cut it;
  • Glue one end of your new wick to the bottom. Once properly fixed, find a way to stretch your wick vertically (see the photo illustration above to see my method);
  • Your waw has probably melted now. If it appends long before you finish the rest of your work, leave on low heat, always in a double boiler, and remember to redo the water level;
  • Now it's time to fill the container of liquid wax. Prior to, place your container in a bath of cold water. Always with extreme caution when handling something hot, pour hot wax into your container to desired level;
  • Just before leaving your candle cool, dip ≈ 1 cm from the top of the wick into wax and then retighten. This will allow you to light the candle easier;
  • After a few hours off, your candle is ready!