Shortly after arriving in Dakar and learning the coming of Concorde, my parents came together on the runway, and this without violating any prohibition! Suffice to say that nowadays, be present and “on” a runway would be impossible! By discussing these pictures with them, they tell me they had crossed the runway regularly and spent a long time there. As an aviation enthusiast, the experience they were able to live makes me very envious, but on the other side and with retrospect, we understand why the current regulations are so rigid and numerous. The risk for themselves, the aircraft and passengers was real! But at that time as with everything, things were different, it is also clear that in 30 years, we'll realize the dangers of our time, so unexpected. These photos were taken with the Kodak Brownie Starluxe which had been offered to my mother when she was twelve. They are not in order (to make reading less linear), but the numbering in the legend of Concorde shots will give you a clue.
Kodak Brownie Starluxe
I want to thank Michel Eyraud, who gave me the shot (at right). Speaking of cameras, he's “sensitive to their history, their shape, their technology… and always to their charm.” Check-out his website: