This is the mouth of the Courant on the Contis beach. This place is extremely slippery because of the moss. I ardently advise you to leave back any claim about the simple action of “walking”, specially when you move in those rocks with tripod and camera in your two hands. A nice technic if you are loosing your balance consist in mastering your fall, do not try to maintain yourself up! Try to crouch fast and get steady using your back against a rock. I particularly appreciate my knee pads when I'm doing photography for such conditions. The adjustment here consist in raising some color saturation, lowered on the capture by those sunset highlights. Because cameras are usually very efficient in details when you expose “to the right”, it was pretty easy to reveal a bunch of details still present on this bedazzlement but the actual state was finally much more revelatory of the real feeling I had. In the next days, I'll publish a very interesting example of a snow shot (willingly over-exposed) to show you how detail you can reveal from such a camera. Finally, the major part of this adjustment was to remove the lens flare in a efficient way, without working hours on it. Curious about this? Just activate the comparison on the picture above.