For many Flickr users, the Holy Grail is get in Explore. Explore is a showcase of what is supposed to be better on Flickr, but it must be noted that we are pretty far off. The thing being automated, everyone's (well almost…) trying to break through the algorithm behind the feature. Thus small groups of people formed and help each other to maximize the chances of a vague pathetic promote of their images. This goes (among others) from the systematic addition as favorite to hundreds of comments from the same user, thus leading to several thousand of comments in the post! A quick glance at the statistics shown on the video, shows that the photo gets 5008 comments and — Oh! strange! — only 457 views. Who would dare to postpone about “When one loves, one does not count”? Here's a video preview of what it looks (note in the title of the photo how the legitimacy of Explore is no doubt ^^). This video will also be a great escape to the wonderful world of animated gifs made with taste. I'll not hold you anymore, go ahead to the video! h5>A great Flickr moment